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Shop reusable tourniquets and get free shipping within Australia Metro on orders over $60. Invested Medical supplies Military and EMT tourniquets from leading brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Here’s how to choose the best tourniquet for you:

  • Consider your level of training: Windlass tourniquets are highly effective at inhibiting blood flow, but require some level of training. For those with less experience, go for tourniquets that feature intuitive designs, and can be understood at a glance.
  • Assess your storage options: Depending on the space available, it may be ideal to select a smaller, more flexible tourniquet — one that can be easily carried in a pouch, kit or bag.

Order over $60 from Invested Medical and receive free delivery within the Australian Metropolitan area.

We pride ourselves on excellent service, so if you’re not satisfied with a purchase — let us know. We offer hassle-free returns on damaged or defective items, at no cost to you.

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