First Aid for Education

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We provide a quality selection of first aid kits and box refills for schools within Australia and New Zealand.
Kids get into all sorts of accidents. Thankfully, by equipping your institution with a quality first aid box, you can protect children at school — while also meeting local first aid requirements.
When selecting a first aid box for your school, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind.

– First aid kit requirements for educational institutions within your locality
– Size and portability (i.e Will there be room for it? Does it need to be mobile?)
– Your budget for refills and replacements.

Whatever you purchase must also be easily identifiable and accessible (easy to open, close and use in an emergency).

Below, you’ll find a variety of first aid kit supplies designed for schools. You won’t go wrong with any of these, but by keeping to the above guidelines you can make a much more appropriate purchase.

If you’re at a loss and unfamiliar with what first aid kit your school may require, reach out to us. Our team can always help point you in the right direction.