Medical Tape

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High quality medical tape from leading brands, to help you provide excellent patient care and emergency first aid. Enjoy fast shipping within Australia and New Zealand.

Invested Medical supplies a selection of fabric, transparent and micropore medical tape from leading brands.

Here’s how to choose between micropore paper tape and waterproof tape for your bandages:

  • Transparent microperforated tape (also known as transpore tape) is a waterproof medical tape constructed with tiny holes that allow moisture to seep through, without compromising tape adhesion. Use this to stock a first aid kit for medical emergencies, or when the injured area is likely to come into contact with water.
  • Microporous paper tape (or micropore tape), though breathable, is not waterproof. It is gentler on skin, and leaves no residue. This medical tape is best suited for injuries with bandages that need to be changed frequently.

Stock up on all your medical tape, bandages and supplies with Invested Medical, and enjoy free delivery within Australia Metro on orders over $60.

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