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Stock up on durable, hospital-grade bandages for your home, first aid kit or private practice. Invested Medical ships medical supplies to Australia and New Zealand – and maintains 5-star service, whether you’re a school, a small business, a clinic or a safety-conscious individual.

Want the best bandages for a first aid kit? We recommend white gauze, crepe bandages and other non-adherent pads and dressings. Since they lack adhesives, they are safe to use on anything from minor wounds to major injuries around sensitive areas.

Best bandages for kids? Flexible, adherent bandages are typically recommended for young children. Check that the adhesive area is about 2.5 cm away from the edges of the wound, and be sure to reinforce the child’s bandage with medical tape so it stays in place.

Best bandages for burn treatments? Your choice of bandages for most burns will need to be non-adherent, sterile and able to loosely cover any burn treatment or dressing that has already been placed on the wound. For mild to moderate burns, a hydrogel dressing held in place with sterile gauze or crepe bandages is recommended.

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