Alcohol Swabs

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Invested Medical supplies hospital-grade alcohol swabs to clinics and individuals within Australia and New Zealand.

Alcohol swabs make an excellent alternative to dealing with large bottles of pure isopropyl alcohol, and can be stored safely in small places like a bag or first aid kit. It can be used to sterilize phones, household surfaces and medical equipment, or to disinfect a patient’s minor injuries.

To choose the best alcohol swabs for you, consider how frequently they’ll be used. Large tubs are ideal for frequent use. You can quickly pull these wipes out and use as necessary. If you don’t reach for isopropyl alcohol swabs often, then consider individually-packaged solutions, which can be stored away until you need them.

Be sure to check the ingredients, as some solutions contain cleansing agents like soap and other calming ingredients. These formulations are typically gentler on skin and may be more appropriate for children, and disinfecting sensitive areas.

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